“Art is Life – Life is Art!”

Original Fine Art by Eugenia – Eugenia Martini-Jarrett, an internationally known artist, has created a vast variety of art in a multitude of mediums over the past several years. Art has always been a focus in Eugenia’s life, from painting, photography, to graphic and fashion design.

A majority of Eugenia’s artwork is created from an inspiration while gazing at the canvas or paper; rarely from still lifes, models or landscapes. An initial stroke slowly grows into a shape and then starts to take on a life of its own.

Eugenia’s Art Gallery features her original art work in a variety of mediums and formats. Originals are available, as well as giclee prints personally signed. Also available are prints on canvas, metal, acrylic and wood, fine art prints on museum quality paper with or without matting and frames. Selected art is available on designer home decor and apparel merchandise.

“Art is Life – Life is Art!”   ~ Eugenia Martini-Jarrett

Collection of Original Fine Art For Sale by Eugenia Martini-JarrettPhotograph and Digital Art by Eugenia Martini-Jarrett
The World of Skully by Eugenia Martini-Jarrett

Please note that, at this time, Eugenia’s Art Gallery website is still under construction. Artworks are being added daily.

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